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About MovieSwami.com!

Although I'm not located anywhere near Hollywood, I -- like much of the world -- love movies.

Since childhood -- when I first saw Ben Hur race his chariot to victory and Luke Skywalker save the galaxy to this beginning of the 21st century, when I have seen hordes of orcs storm the fortresses of Middle Earth in a distant past -- I have loved the worlds of intrigue, mystery, drama and action depicated in the movies of the world.

Although I like many Hollywood movies, I don't really care if it's a Hollywood movie or not. What I care about is the movie or the story that I will remember ten years from now. Hence, I continue to search for movies from India, the US and beyond that will challenge and inspire me.

If you peruse this site, you will notice, however, that I have certain Christian and Family-oriented elements to this site; that is because I am a Christian and I also care about families.

I do not, however, care for labels, as I do not consider myself a member of the so-called 'Christian Right' or the 'Left.' Hence, I try to approach my reviews with an independent Christian viewpoint that I hope will add value to the plethora of movie opinions out there. So it is possible that that my opinions may not sit well with some Christians (and non-Christians) out there. All can say is this: these reviews are meant to be intellectually and emotionally honest.

Besides Christian values, I also appreciate movies based on the quality of the film and the story (even if they are non-Christian and even if I do not agree with the film's message).

Furthermore, while I try to give advice to families, I am attempting to give my opinion to the heads of families out there, not kids. In other words, this is not intended to be a kid-friendly site. So please make note of that in your filtering software.

You will note the brevity of my reviews; this is primarily because I usually have many other priorities and -- therefore -- have a limited amount of time to spend with my reviews.

Hopefully, you have a great time at my site. When I get some time, I'll certainly consider adding more things.

In the meanwhile, have a wonderful day.

-- MovieSwami.com

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